Monday, April 28, 2014

No more sympathy, please

The worst part of having an injury is all the pity and sympathy and sad faces people make at you. I am so ready for the sympathy train to fall off its tracks. So for once and for all.... No. More. Sympathy. Please.

Yes, there are things I can't do right now, like fly my paraglider or walk up stairs or stand on my right foot.

BUT.... There is so much I can still do:

  • I can shower without help and use the loo too.
  • I can sleep at night and nap during day.
  • I can drink wine and enjoy delicious food.
  • I can watch the waves crash on the ocean.
  • I can hang out with friends.
  • I can type this blog post, play Candy Crush and obsess over Facebook.
  • I can improve my Spanish.
  • I can kayak in beautiful lakes.
  • I can watch as much tv as I want.
  • I can cuddle my sweet hubby.
  • I can travel and explore new places.

I have plenty of loved ones and enough money. I don't have to work. I can enjoy my hobbies. I am happy.


So, please, don't pity me. Save your sympathy for someone who needs it.


In the meantime, I'll take your funny jokes, enjoy your tasty cooking and bask in your delightful company. Thank you very much!

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