Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Healer's Touch

Have you ever changed your beliefs about something? Overnight? Well, that has been my experience the last week or so.

I have always considered myself to be a scientific thinker. I look at the data. I extrapolate. I don't intuit. I don't believe without evidence. I mistrust things I cannot understand. I wonder where the trick is when something looks like magic. I am skeptical.

Case in point: I don't believe in God. I know that means I'm probably going to hell if God does exist, unless there is some special loophole for cultural Jews. Or unless I change my mind at the last minute or something. But truth be told, I just can't reconcile the concept of God with my experience of the many injustices of this world. And so I don't believe in things I can't see.


This, however, is changing.

Over the last few years, I have seen my hubby's Aunt perform what seem to be little miracles on my hubby and others. The scientific side of me attributes her healing to technique and anatomical knowledge. And that was enough to convince me to seek her help in healing from my accident.

What I didn't expect was how much I would believe in her ability to intuit my injuries and fix things with just her mind and a thoughtfully placed hand.

Over four sessions, each lasting a few hours, this special Aunt has helped my body make marked improvements in healing itself. My organs, which slammed to my left side during the accident, have been gently relocated to their proper homes. Believe it or not, but I can literally feel the difference. My womb is no longer stuck in the left side of pelvis and my lungs are no longer trapped in my rib cage but able to move freely, allowing me to take a deep, soothing breath whenever I please.

The swelling in my legs, arms, and feet has dwindled. My knee is back where it belongs after several iterations of unwinding--a strange experience consisting of my Aunt applying mild twisting force on my leg, catalyzing the muscles up and down my leg to literally unwind. The first time she did it on my left leg, I felt like it was a Barbie leg, rotating wildly in circles, while I watched it rest peacefully held in place by her strong hands. An amazing experience and so much better afterwards.

There was also work to back out the energy that had flowed up my leg as I jammed my feet into the hard dirt. And things to help improve my connection to my most injured leg, which somewhere along the way I had disowned. Plus, techniques to dissapate the shock of the accident and help my bones heal.

Before these treatments, I was a skeptic of healers and people who can "see" what is wrong just by laying their hands on you. But now I am a believer. I still want there to be science to reinforce what I've experienced, but I'm also open to the possibility that our understanding of the human body and mind is not advanced enough to explain all the things we are capable of doing.


  1. Does she practice Reiki? Is she local to seattle? Sounds like something my knee/back might benefit from. Id love to hear more.

    1. She does Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) and massage in Albany, OR. Her office is about a 4-hr drive from Seattle, or you can take the train. You can find her online: Rhonda Hockett. I wish you the best in healing healing your knee and back. Cheers! Michelle