Saturday, April 26, 2014

Back in the saddle... er, boat

Tuesday was a special day indeed. After being laid up and relatively inactive for more than five weeks, I got to enjoy the outdoors as an independent person! (Or almost independent -- Josh did have to help me into and out of the boat.)

One of my wonderful bro-in-laws works for the National Park Service at a beautiful lake in Northern California. So while hubby and I were in town visiting and the kids were at school, we three set off on an adventure in the park. No, we did not go hiking. I still cannot put any weigh on my right foot. Instead we went kayaking!

Beautiful Whiskeytown Lake with crystal clear water and my own sunshine yellow boat!

The best thing about having a park ranger brother is he knows all the cool spots and where the wildlife hide. We spied turtles basking in the sun on a log, an osprey's nest, a bunch of geese and ducks, and even butterflies. With paddles in hand, we made our way to the mouth of Boulder Creek.


Lots of granite boulders! (Note the fancy white trash bag I'm sporting on my broken foot.)


As we paddled back across the lake to our car, a lone goose called after us, hoping for some free food. We didn't feed it, but instead watched as it touched down on the lake, skidding to a stop like a water skier on rewind before gracefully assuming its seated position on the blue water. What an amazing sight! And a fabulous reminder that even creatures who are meant to fly can delight in paddling across a pristine lake.

What a wonderful way to spend a day!


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