Thursday, October 9, 2014

I like farms too

Like all good little sisters, I have to do what my sister is doing. Now that we're all grown up, you'd think that tendacy would go away. Maybe it does for some people, but not for me. So when Josh gave me the reins to pick our lodging in Fiji, I decided we must visit a farm.

Now you may be wondering if my sister really is a farmer. The answer is yes. I am proud to say that after nearly a decade at a major technology company, she went back to school to learn organic food production and now she works for a farm on California's coast. To say that I admire her zest for life and audacity to live her passion is an understatement. Words cannot describe just how cool I think my sister is.

So that's how Josh and I ended up spending three wonderful nights at the Teitei Homestay in the Sigatoka (pronounced sing-a-toka) River Valley.

And there was plenty to explore! We walked to the Sigatoka River with the help of our trusty guide dog.

We hiked up the to the highest point on the Homestay farm and got to hang out with owner and native Fijian Monica who told us all about the plants on the way, including some wild turmeric root!
And we, of course, got to tour the farm with its fruit trees, duck pond and clutches of chickens, ducks and geese of all ages. I couldn't help myself from holding a sweet gosling born just days prior.

I also had the privilege of attending a Fijian wedding in a neighboring village. Below are some photos from the pre-wedding rituals, including where the groom's family provides gifts to the bride's family, serves tea and cake to all the guests and the men drink kava.

I didn't stay for the whole day-long affair as I had plans with Josh to go caving. (More on both these adventures in another post.)

All in all, Teitei Homestay was my favorite place in Fiji. The meals were fresh and home cooked. The people were interesting and welcomed us like family. The place was beautiful (did you see my photos!?). Tasty tropical fruits were growing everywhere. And the adventures were truly one of a kind.

Oh! And there were lots of small fluffy things for me to cuddle, including three cats.


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    I may have chosen my farm prematurely.

    INcredible adventure as always, you adorable two :)