Thursday, October 9, 2014

Circumnavigating Viti Levu, Part 3

Okay, this series of posts is getting quite lengthy. I would apologize, but since you can skip by it without any trouble, I guess there is no need. For those of you still reading at this point, thank you. I hope you find something interesting here. Luckily, our drives from Suva to Sigatoka and Sigatoka to Nadi were on days with only a little rain, so there are more photos!

THE SOUTH & SOUTHEAST: Suva to Sigatoka to Nadi (Wednesday and Saturday mornings)

Pictured above:

  1. A sugar can truck hauls it's load to the mill while spewing dirty diesel fumes
  2. Shack-like houses on stilts
  3. Sigatoka Sand Dunes national park where we spied locals fishing with nets on a sandbar
  4. The sugar cane train's narrow tracks separate villages from the highway and are used as makeshift pedestrian paths
  5. Trees with arching canopies create a foliage tunnel for a dirt road
  6. The manicured and fake island atmosphere of tourist town Denarau
  7. The colorful facades of a local village and it's communal grazing area for cows
  8. Each bus stop wearing signage indicating who was responsible for its presence: the local woman's club, the Muslim community, a wealthy family, and even McDonald's (in Nadi)

Last glimpses:

  • Winnie-the-pooh cloth hanging on the line next to brightly colored floral sarongs
  • Seventh Day Adventist "tobacco-free" hospital
  • Fancy, first-world condos with views of the bay across the highway from small shanty shacks in ethnic Fijian villages
  • Villages with cars and power poles
  • Larger roadside farmstands with 10+ varieties of fresh produce stacked for sale
  • Empty lots scrubbed clean to the dirt by yellow bulldozers await future development
  • Fences made of pastel painted used tires
  • Men dressed in jeans and tennis shoes, rather than sulus and flip flops
  • Brown squirrel-sized mongoose with thick tails running across the highway

The End.


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