Friday, May 16, 2014

In the land of the Golden Gate

I have been enamored with the Golden Gate Bridge ever since I was a little girl accompanying my mom to Giants games at Candlestick Park. My favorite part of those adventures was driving across the bridge into San Francisco, holding my breathe through the Rainbow Tunnel with fidgety excitement and then sighing with delight (and relief!) at seeing the bridge come into view. In high school, I walked across the bridge with friends... and again in my twenties with my husband before we were wed.

So when it came time to return to the Bay Area for a check-up with my foot surgeon, I knew I would find a reason to visit my old faithful friend. And, as always, it did not disappoint.

Driving with my left foot on the gas (right foot is still not weight-bearing), I entered the Rainbow Tunnel. Whether that is the tunnel's rightful name or not, it has always been known by that name in my family (its northbound entrance bears a painted rainbow). But yesterday as I drove southbound through the tunnel glimpsing my first peek at the rust red Golden Gate Bridge I found new meaning in this moniker. Children's stories tell that there is a pot of gold or treasure of some sort at the end of every rainbow. And for me the Golden Gate Bridge is a treasure, so it is quite fitting that the Rainbow Tunnel leads to it.

Anyway, as I was careening down the hill out of the tunnel, using my left foot now on the brake, I was inspired by the sight of the fog rolling over golden hills and flowing into the bridge's tall masts. The fog was like tendrils interweaving themselves with the steel of the bridge. And I couldn't take my eyes off it.mEventually I snapped out of my wonderment just in time to avoid hitting another car, all the while taking this completely inadequate photo of the majestic scene.

This picture sucks but you can imagine it was much better than this.

The rest of my adventures in the SF Bay were also grand. In short:

  • Lunch and chat time with my brother, godfather and godfather's eldest son (like a brother to me)
  • Stroll thru the Embarcadero buildings and window shopping
  • Matisse exhibit and Rodin sculptures at the Legion of Honor Museum
  • Pretty flowers outside the Legion of Honor
  • Fetching my friend Annie off a random street corner, followed by delicious dinner and a great catch-up session
  • Lunch at a tasty Ethiopian Restaurant
  • Kayaking in Lake Merritt, where my mom learned to sail as a young girl
  • Soon-to-be dinner with my godfather, his wife (my Auntie) and his daughter (like a little sister to me)
  • Reconnecting with my hubby tonight after his work trip to LA!

And for those who like photos:

Fountain with long ramp up to the Legion of Honor beyond. I got quite the work-out pushing myself up that walkway in my wheelchair.
Cool monkey sculpture. Not a Rodin or a Matissee, but intriguing nonetheless.
Lovely flowers.
Another lovely flower.
Kayaking Lake Merritt.


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  1. we call it "the rainbow tunnel" too so it is definitely a thing! everyone looks forward to the rainbow tunnel as a kid because it means you go over the bridge right after and then into the city. it is the welcome gate.