Thursday, May 8, 2014

I love my life

People keep telling me what a positive attitude I have about life, especially about my injury and whatnot. But really it's quite simple: happiness is a choice I make every day.

Yes, I live an incredibly privileged life. I have benefited from injustice and discrimination in this world in so many more ways than I can enumerate. And trying to do so would just make me sad--and mad.

So, instead, I am embracing my life. I am choosing to do things that make me happy, like travel and play outdoors and eat delicious food with people I enjoy. For years, I chose to save and work hard--sometimes in jobs I disliked--so that now I can NOT work and do what I want nearly every day. I am taking a risk by passing on some of the most productive career years of my life and instead wandering about the world stocking up on joyful experiences.

When things don't go my way (e.g., broken bones) and when weird experiences present themselves (armored truck, anyone?) I try to find the silver lining of the path I'm on. I am not religious, but I do believe the everything works out perfectly (EWOP).

And so, although I'm disappointed to be sending my knee scooter back today, I am choosing to embrace the arm strength I will gain from continuing to get around by lifting my entire body with each step, a la the old lady walker, albeit newly kitted out with a cup holder. And I am delighted that hubby and I took the plunge and bought a tandem sailing kayak so we can explore Oregon lakes and kayak-camp in the Puget Sound and other lovely places.

I may not be able to walk at quick speeds or even stand up without leaning on something, but I can paddle and I can paint and I can do lots of other things that give me immense joy.

Bottom line: I love my life and you can love yours too!

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