Sunday, May 25, 2014

Aquariums are for adults too!

A week ago Saturday, hubby and I spent the weekend in Monterey. I have fond memories of visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium as a child... of petting the stingrays and watching the anchovies spin round their cylindrical fish tank... of the beautiful colors of fish and coral... and of the sea otters being super cute.

I have known for years that even though hubby grew up in California and at one point lived less than two hours from Monterey, he'd never been to its aquarium. So when the opportunity for a weekend getaway to someplace near the Bay Area sprang up last minute on a Friday afternoon, I seized on the idea of taking my hubby to see one of my favorite California sights.

For those who haven't been, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is a sight to behold. Huge fish tanks--more like man-made ecosystems for underwater creatures--abound and colorful, enchanting aquatic life entice voyeuristic people of all ages and ethnicities to stop their hectic behavior and pause quietly in awe. It is a place where lovely views are readily available and where good educational information about the seas can be found.

Like I'd hoped, hubby shared my delight in the aquarium and lent me his phone to take the following pictures (and others that did not make the cut for this post):

Kelp forest with all it's fishy friends.

Feeding frenzy!

Pink sea anenome with it's multicolored mini-me's.

Softly undulating anemones.... is this what sparked Dr.Seuss' creativity?

Fairy forest!

What I would give to spot this scene while scuba diving....

Fluorescent tangerine fairy forest.

Look close! Can you spot all three eels in this picture? (Hint: just the head of the third one is peaking out by a starfish)


More jellyfish!

Even more jellyfish!
Who knew there were so many varieties of jellyfish?

Not me, that's who....

Did you know there are light-up jellyfish? So cool.

Also, lots of mackeral!

And of course, sea otters playing with a big barrel full of fish parts.
And while we were watching the sea otters, they were checking out the human babies on the other side of the glass.

So there you have it! A wonderful excursion for my wonderful man.

Who could resist this much handsomeness! Happy anniversary babe! (#9 for those keeping track)


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