Tuesday, June 3, 2014

An all-American sort of day

Today I woke up with stereotypical American activities on my to do list. First quilting, then baking a pie.

But before I did either, I took a rejuvenating wash in an outdoor shower. The sunlight warmed me and the beautiful view of green-blue mountains and vineyards nourished me. After which, I doned what can only be described as an easy-breezy-patriotic outfit: my navy and white striped skirt with a bright red tank top. Why did I pick this outfit, you ask. Beats me. I didn't even realize I had dressed for The Fourth of July until I saw myself in the mirror. Hilarious. But it seemed to fit the day's theme, so I left it.

First craft of the day: quilting.

I am making a quilt for two friends that are pregnant with their first child. Well, actually she's pregnant, but he's helping decorate the kid's room so we can just pretend they are both pregnant, together. Anywho, I love making quilts for my friends' brethren. So much so that when I packed my "project kit" for this year of travel, I included fabrics for two quilts! (Yes, I also somehow knew that I would need a bin of carefully curated craft projects despite my plans to be abroad all year?!)

Today I accomplished the formidable "quilt sandwich" step in the quilting process. For those of you who do not quilt, trust me when I say this is the crux move of the whole shebang. If you don't make the sandwich neatly, your nicely pieced quilt will end up looking like it was crumbled up by some angsty teenager and then angrily jammed through the sewing machine. In other words your hard work will be turned into a Goodwill donation.

For this task, I summoned my best patience... and set aside about two hours, as that is how long it takes me to (1) cut the top piece to a nice squared off size, (2) tape the bottom evenly and not too wrinkly or stretchedly (words?) to the floor, (3) gently spread the 100% cotton batting on top (no polycrap here, please), (4) finish the sandwich with the top piece on the top (duh), and then (5) pin the heck out of the three layers in a futile attempt to ensure that nothing shifts or bunches as I not-so-patiently push it through the sewing machine at some later date. Phew. Can you believe I did all that today? Well, I did. All while wearing my flag-impersonating outfit to boot!

You didn't think I was gonna reveal the entire quilt, did you? That's for another day. Meanwhile, enjoy this here close-up of my masterful quilt-sandwiching. And yes, I do draw my quilt lines right onto the fabric like a brut.

Second craft of the day: pie-making!

And this is not just any ordinary pie. It is a fresh cherry and granny smith apple pie in a gluten-free crust because of course I want to eat the delicious pie when it is all done baking, and well, of course I can eat gluten because it makes my tummy so swollen I look preggers. Which is really not a fun look when you're NOT pregnant. So, no gluten for me. (Wow, I'm totally rambling today. Sorry about that.)

Well, the pie turned out lovely. Of course! And I'm sure it's delicious too. But for now, it is cooling and congealing and stuff, so I can't taste it. But it smells heavenly. And everyone will love it, because who doesn't like homemade, gluten-free, apple-cherry pie!

An artfully arranged apple-cherry pie baked in a cast iron skillet, because this is my all-American day or because it was the only pie-shaped dish available--you decide!

Oh, and for my final all-American-feat of the day, I shall be partaking in a lively BBQ with friends and strangers who I hope will become my friends. Cheers!


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