Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Southern Drakensberg

We just got back to civilization after three nights camping in the Southern Drakensberg. We saw sun, rain, clouds, lightning and tons of wildflowers. I even made a bouquet!

I found quite the assortment of wildflowers on a short hike around the lodge.

We went in search of paragliding opportunities and although the weather wasn't very cooperative, we did get some lovely flying in our last day in Bulwer.

Happy Joshua.

We also met a bunch of friendly Austrians. And we cooked our own meals every day, which is quite delightful. All in all, it was a mellow retreat, just what I needed as I was feeling crummy and pretty grumpy.

Picnic table with a view, where I drew pictures and Josh did some work.


Oh! And did I mention it was amazingly beautiful there? Here's some more proof.

The Cottages at Wildsky Paragliding.
Our little tent set up on the flattest spot we could find.
Bonus: waterfall and pretty sunset on the drive back to Jo'burg!
Howick Falls, 95 meters tall.
Sunset above the Drakensberg.



  1. Drakensberg is one of most beautiful parts of SA. You should also visit lesotho.

  2. GORGEOUS! Also, nice footie shot. Those are my favorite.

    1. Thanks! Those monster feet are Josh's. hard to get them out of the picture even if he wanted to :)