Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Whirlwind Adventure in Cape Town

You've got less than 24 hours in Cape Town... Go!

  • Lunch on Kloof Street at Hudson's The Burger Joint, complete with wheat-free buns. Josh got the Vegas Burger, with Swiss and Pastrami. I got the Bacon Jam Burger (of course) with avocado.
  • Feed my artistic soul on Bree Street at the South African Market, among other artsy shops.
  • Drive down the Cape, glimpsing the multi-color houses on the beach in Muizenberg and the man-made swimming pools separated from the ocean by concrete walls with the waves breaking overtop.
  • Eat homemade gelato (lemon sorbet for me, chocolate affogato for Josh) on a bench under a sun umbrella.
  • Watch the penguins on Boulders Beach, spy the baby chicks, laugh as the adults flounder on land and stare in awe as they swim swiftly in the surf. (Forget our WILD card and so pay the entrance fee as an added donation to South Africa National Parks.)
  • Swim in the Indian Ocean just past the breeding colony of penguins. Luxuriate in the turquoise blue waters, bask in the sun and find our little own "kissing cave."
  • Head west across the mountains to Chapman Peak's Drive and take in the ocean and cliffs as the sun sets. Stop often, wishing we had a brought a picnic dinner to eat at one of the many tables along the way. Be amazed at the courageous and fit bicyclists passing us on the curving, mountainous route.
  • Pass through Camps Bay, home to folks who could star in "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" (according to our lodge owner). Do not stop.
  • Find ourselves starving as we approach the Victoria & Albert Waterfront around 8pm. Stop at the tourist trap, get dinner and drinks, and devour the best lamb curry I've eaten in my life.
  • Make our way back to the lodge, tuck in and fall asleep.
  • Wake up, clean up, pack up and stroll to the beach, complete with super soft white sand and big breakers. Walk barefoot along the beach eating carob-coated rice cakes (surprisingly delicious, deceptively healthy: "is that a donut?" our paragliding guide had asked) and drinking fake lichee juice (mostly grape juice) from the box.
  • Check out of the lodge (no we are not paying extra because you flubbed up the price on your Airbnb listing), and rush to the airport. Return our car, speed walk to the bag drop counter, take some heavy things out of our checked luggage so it meets the weight requirement, pass quickly through security, and arrive at our gate on time.
  • Learn that our flight is 15 minutes delayed. Dash upstairs to the bookshop. Find unlined moleskin notebooks after a month of unsuccessful hunting. Score!
  • Rush back downstairs to find hubby nearing the front of the boarding line. Slip in with him and return to Jo'burg.

Phew! What a whirlwind. Splendid though. Looking forward to our next visit to Cape Town -- hopefully a tad longer...



Photos? I had planned on uploading some to add to this post, but it's been days and that hasn't happened. So here's the post without photos. You can google the places above to see what they look like and just imagine us there. :)



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