Monday, January 27, 2014

Spotted: Lounging Leopard

Our Monday drive continued, heading north from Satara towards our final destination for the day: Olifants. After the heady action of watching lions hunt down breakfast and spying on vervet monkeys play in the trees, we were completely stunned to spot a solitary leopard lounging in a tree, a mere ten feet from the main road.

A leopard!

Another amazing sight. Especially at 11am, when leopards are supposed to be bedded down in some tall grass hidden from prying eyes. But, again, we were in luck!

With binoculars in hand and a camera set to record, we watched the leopard pant away with its mouth wide open, trying to get some relief of the mid-day heat.

This cat is not cool.

But after a few minutes, the leopard gave up and left its perch in the tree to seek shelter from the sun in the tall cool grass beneath.

Just as quickly as we came upon it, the leopard gracefully leapt out of view, not to be seen again.

And so, our sightings of The Big 5 complete, we headed north in search of our next camp.


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