Friday, March 13, 2015

Choosing Happiness

I choose happiness. Every day. And some days are harder than others.


Yes, you read that correctly. I do have hard days sometimes. While traveling. And not working. And generally living the life that many people dream of. And yet, sometimes I get in a funk.


But here's the secret.


I choose happiness. Every day.


And you can too.


That doesn't mean I pretend everything in the world is perfect. Let me clear--shit is not perfect.


But I can't change everything overnight. My magic wand has gone missing.


So instead, I choose to focus on the positive. To let myself be happy in a world full of pain and suffering. To be thankful for my health, my friends and family, the flowers blooming in the streets, the cuddly cats on YouTube, the AC in my rental house, the food in my frig, the ink in my drawing pen.


In chaotic times, I can control one thing: my choices. And I choose happiness.


I hope you will too.


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