Friday, September 5, 2014

Blazing beaches

Beach bonfires at sunset are a universal good and we got to have one on Ovalua Island the other night!

Earlier in the day, I gathered twigs, dried coconut palm fronds and bark. Cheri, Jeff and Josh collected bigger branches and we stacked them high, tossed old newspaper and dried leaves underneath and set them ablaze.

Jeff collecting coconut fronds with beer in hand.
Cheri showing off her squirreled away newspaper which started our fire.
Pouring drinks and building a fire, the perfect way to start an evening.
Cheri drags the biggest branch back to camp.
Josh starts the fire while our boat S/V Grasshopper floats on to the right.

Josh poured drinks, coconut rum with pineapple juice or coke. And we toasted the sunset, fire and crystal clear waters of Tonga.

Booze and a boat!

Josh and I pose with smiles plastered on our faces.


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