Monday, August 4, 2014

Raw beauty meets wild beasts

View from the car (sailing kayak on roof) as we prepare to pass the weeping wall on the Going-to-the-Sun Road. Epic beauty. Super loud kids.

Driving that winding road I couldn't help but marvel at the raw beauty that lay before me. Vista after breathtaking vista. A new sight more enchanting than the last around every bend. Glacier National Park--stunning in its landscapes, even as its peacefulness was drowned out by the loud singing of two cute, cuddly wild beasts--my niece and nephew.

It has been more than a month (sorry for the delay) since we left the wonderland that is Glacier National Park, taking our wild beasts with us. And yet, the vistas that we viewed, the waters that we walked in and the skies that shined above us are still stirring my soul. If you haven't experience Glacier, you should go. And if you, like us, don't have any kids of your own, borrow some and bring them along... as there is nothing quite like exploring a new and magical world with children.

Swimming and playing in Lake McDonald.

Sailing on Lake McDonald
Annabelle on Avalanche Lake
The raging rapids of Avalanche Creek; a perfect place to ice my cranky healing feet!
Glorious views along the Going-to-the-Sun Road.
So pretty!
Making snow friends at Logan Pass.
Mountain goats! Hooray!
St. Mary Lake with strange clouds. Any know what those are?
Quiet (at last!) contemplation at St. Mary Falls.
On the way back from St. Mary Falls.
Hiking along the other side of St. Mary Lake.
St. Mary Lake showing its pebble floor.
Post-fire purple mountain.
Mountains across the wetland near St. Mary Lake.
Sailing on Sherbourne Lake.
So many wildflowers! So many reasons to take a break from hiking :)
More wildflowers!

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