Saturday, March 8, 2014


This trip has been a series of many firsts. I thought you might be interested to read about a few of them, in list form of course...


Thailand Firsts:

  • First time riding a scooter.
  • First time crashing a scooter.
  • First time getting back on said scooter after crashing it.
  • First time having a puppy try to ride on my scooter.
  • First time hearing a cat in heat. (What an awful sound.)
  • First time seeing an un-neutered dog.
  • First time flushing the toilet with a bucket of water.
  • First time using a bidet to wash sand off my feet.
  • First time being excited to see soap AND paper towels in a loo.
  • First time landing in a pineapple field.
  • First time riding on the back of a motorcycle. (And with a stranger while carrying my paraglider, no less!)
  • First time riding in a side car of a motorcycle.
  • First time receiving a just-harvested pineapple from a stranger.
  • First time pantomiming a golf swing.
  • First time kitesurfing.
  • First time flying over a Queen's palace.
  • First time wading in water up to my shoulders while fully dressed in cotton clothing.
  • First time getting towed behind a boat in the ocean.
  • First time cooking fried calamari.
  • First time making lemongrass chicken.
  • First time preparing papaya salad.
  • First time drinking Sangsom Manao (rum and lime soda).
  • First time wreck diving.
  • First time driving a truck in 4H in the mud.
  • First time adding minutes to my phone using a scratch-off card.

And that's it... for now. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?


  1. those all sound like good, entertaining experiences, except the dog who wasn't just can UN-see that can you? :)

  2. New one: First time breaking both feet.